Chicago's trendy, and up-and-coming Jefferson Park is where you will find Jason (Jay) Vega. Growing up in New York, I spent my earlier years with basic knowledge and work in business management. Realizing I no longer pursued dreams of working for others, I started a music production company. While always holding love for music, I expanded my creative side into the art of photography.


I really appreciate life through the camera lens. I have a wife (also a photographer), 3 kids and 2 dogs:) While always on the go, I take pride in working with as many different people as possible. Some might say my style is diverse, because i have experience shooting family portraits, weddings, couples, music artists, newborns and other events. My main interest lies in fashion photography. Building a portfolio in fashion, modeling and acting is something I've committed all my time too away from my family.


I am passionate about everything I do, and a person who believes that you should set a path for yourself and aim high. And for more than 15 years I have done just that, leading by example. It is in my creative vision and driven background to deliver beautiful images that reflect in each photography session.